The Kingman Municipal Court is located in a building constructed in 1896 and formerly known as The Little Red School House where grades 1st - 8th attended school until 1928. After the students moved to a new location, the building served many groups: The Catholic Missionaries and the Christian Science Church; The Elks Lodge; and it housed the Ration Board during WWII to name a few. At the end of the war, the Chamber of Commerce moved in along with a Public Library. 

In 1974, the building was placed on the Register of Historic Buildings and with some internal remodeling, the Public Library became the sole occupant. As the library grew, there became a need for a new building and they moved out. By this time, the City of Kingman owned the building and, in 1992, decided to renovate the building and it has been home to the Municipal Court since.


219 N. 4th St. 

Kingman, AZ 86401

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Phone: (928) 753-8193

Email: kingmanmunict


Monday-Thursday: 7:00am - 6:00pm, closed Fridays and holidays

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Walk In Warrant Information

If you have an active warrant for your arrest, you have the option to appear before the Judge to discuss your case and have the warrant quashed. 

Walk-In Warrants Are Seen On Tuesdays at 9:00am

If your warrant was issued for failure to pay fines, you will want to bring some money with you. If your warrant was issued for failure to comply with counseling, you will want to bring proof that you have re-enrolled. If you have been charged with an offense that has a victim, you will be reset to a different date so that the victim can be notified.  They have a right to be present at your hearing.  Your warrant will not be recalled until you appear on the Court date that you are given.

If you do not come prepared, you may be arrested and taken to jail. We advise you to call on the day you plan to appear to make sure there has not been a change in the Court’s schedule.

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